Tuesday, May 18

Howdy Ya'll!

Before I begin, I'd like to confide in you:

When it comes to writing, simply getting started is usually a frightful thing for me.

When I was a little girl I had a hard time keeping a journal because

1) I never knew what to write in my first entry. "Should I give my diary a name? Is my handwriting really at it's best? Does the person living in this piece of paper even really want to know what I had for lunch today?

and 2) Because I usually spent too much time wondering if what I was writing would make a good book. And yes, I did know that my 4th grade diary would be published when I grew up to be beautiful and famous, and it would be studied as classic literature in English Classes.

But I believe all good things in life begin with a smile. Here's mine:

My name is Rudi, and I live in Kentucky. I graduate high school in two weeks, and in August I'll drive far, far away to Stephens College! This is something I'm desperately excited about. Making new friends is one of my all time favorite hobbies!

Quite honestly I regret not being able to crack open a glittery purple notebook and laugh at my misspellings and speculate on how much I've grown. I don't plan on missing that chance again. After all,  college is almost as eventful as the 4th grade.

I'm going to tell you stories about my past, present, and future. The latter I am most especially looking forward to.

love, rudi