Friday, January 27

Birthday Party TIme!!

Party Party Parties!!

This past weekend me and the gang had a big birthday party for each other- three of us have birthdays in December and January, so we decide to have a big party for all of us! 

We had super big plans for our party- we were going to make a giant fort in Megan and Kasey's apartment, dress up in fancy costumes with lots of "jewels", and play lots of games.

We ended up having to hang up scarves on the walls due to the apartment's lack of high furniture to tie sheets to. Courtney and I did wear our matching prom gowns that we bought at the Theatre Department's costume sale a few months ago, Morgan made an amazing homemade veggie pot pie, and my mommy had ordered fancy spancy cupcakes from Bijoux Cupcakes in town!

Let's talk about those cupcakes. Holy my macaronies, they were sublime! They were s'mores cupcakes (for our fort party!) filled with melty chocolate and marshmallow cream, and topped with graham crackers and a chunk of Hershey's and a big roasted marshmallow. We tried eating them without looking completely disgusting, but it was soon clear that they couldn't be properly enjoyed that way. 

They were so good. They made me make crazy faces of glee.

love, rudi

Thursday, January 19

My Birthday!!

Not much else to say about that. Except 
made an amazing cake today.
And it happened to have a giant R on top!

For my reader that asked about the food at Stamper, not only do I have a *killer* post coming up talking all about it, but just know- these people care. And they listen. More on that later :)


Also, in other *GREAT* birthday news, Joel was here this weekend. Some of you may think he is my boyfriend- and you are wrong. He's even better than a boyfriend- he's a friend's boyfriend. That means me and Courtney (The BFF) get most of the benefits of a boyfriend without any of the downsides.

Not that my boyfriend has any downsides. He's like, perfect.

But you get my point.

We love seeing Joel, and since he goes to school out of town, it's a wondrous and rare treat to see him! Also (and we love reminding him these days) we hadn't seen him since Halloween so it was a triple treat!

There are other photos from this awesome, frozen-yogurt-getting day, but that's a whole other post (coming soon!) that includes an entire story about dogs with strange and vibrant personalities.

So far my day has been an absolute treasure! And now I'm going to keep enjoying it while eating this giant gingerbread R and watching Modern Family. 

Best show ever, by the way. 

love, rudi

Sunday, January 15

I'm Back!

Hello my lovely readers!!

My lack of posting for this first week back at school should be a strong enough message on its own: I'm going to be one busy Minnie this semester! And I'm super excited about it!!

Last semester my classes were all about design- I had two lab classes (project-based classes) for graphic design, and was always hiding in the design studios late into the night. This semester, though, I'm going to be running around like a mad woman thanks to my new internship! 

I didn't want to let you all in on this until everything was set in stone, but Friday was my first day helping Axiom, a marketing/advertising company in town, re-brand and re-organize their company. (AWESOME, RIGHT?!?!)

I'm a little excited about it. 
Just a little.

Anyway- I promise to start having fun again soon, so you can have fun reading about my fun. Also- good news, my camera isn't broken like I thought it was! I let the battery charge for a solid two days, and it woke right up! I guess it was just tired. We all needed a Christmas break :)

love, rudi