Sunday, January 15

I'm Back!

Hello my lovely readers!!

My lack of posting for this first week back at school should be a strong enough message on its own: I'm going to be one busy Minnie this semester! And I'm super excited about it!!

Last semester my classes were all about design- I had two lab classes (project-based classes) for graphic design, and was always hiding in the design studios late into the night. This semester, though, I'm going to be running around like a mad woman thanks to my new internship! 

I didn't want to let you all in on this until everything was set in stone, but Friday was my first day helping Axiom, a marketing/advertising company in town, re-brand and re-organize their company. (AWESOME, RIGHT?!?!)

I'm a little excited about it. 
Just a little.

Anyway- I promise to start having fun again soon, so you can have fun reading about my fun. Also- good news, my camera isn't broken like I thought it was! I let the battery charge for a solid two days, and it woke right up! I guess it was just tired. We all needed a Christmas break :)

love, rudi

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  1. Happy to see you blogging again. Welcome back. Let us know when you may have a free Saturday or Sunday and we could meet half way (ish. G+C


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