Tuesday, September 28

My family came to visit me!

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with my baby sister a and my mommy. I didn't realize I missed them until they were here.

It's a little strange, but until very recently I didn't think it would ever upset me to not have someone around who already knew me very well, I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of meeting all new people and making friends all the time. But having my mom around made me wish I came here with a best friend or something- she understood all my jokes.

But enough pouting! I had a great weekend with my mom and Sadie, tie dying T-shirts

(These are my friends Audra and Julia)

finding my twin Chelsea, who happens to live just two floors below me,

and going shopping. We also found an amazing barbecue place called Bandanas-

(That's my mom!)

I really hope I get to go again sometime soon...anyone up for it? Gimme a call.

Mom, Sadie, and I also saw the play at the Macklanburg Theater on Saturday, Our Leading Lady by Charles Busch, and it was way cool. I'm not a professional theater critic or anything, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself that evening.

Plus the set looked awesome. I may be a little biased, though.

But you should go see it if you can! It runs for one more weekend. Support the theater, support my friends in it, and make me happy by checking it out!

Oh, and a big whopping thank you to my mom for reminding me to take my camera with me wherever I went. As you can tell I was a little more trigger happy with the snapshots this past weekend!


The comment option is fixed!

Did I mention that already? You are all now officially once again able to comment-so leave me some lovin'! Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see, and what's awesome in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you!

love, rudi

Thursday, September 23

I know what you're thinking, and I have a witty retort.

Yes, it's true that these photos are only funny for the people in them (and those people's parents),

and I must say that I am forcing you to suffer through my funny face macbook pictures because both myself AND my parents read this blog. Haha!

The content of this post is actually going to be drastically different that what the photos portray. I realize maybe I've sent you some false advertising, because while my photos are silly, what's really on my mind is not.

During class today I slaughtered a relatively simple phrase, one that normally, in my high school classes (assuming that the content ever reached this deep of a level), I would have no trouble expressing. I stuttered and stopped in mid-sentence, and completely thrashed together words that didn't go together to form coherent thoughts. It wasn't a particularly complex idea, and yet for some unlabeled reason I couldn't for the life of me relate what was in my head to the girls looking expectantly at me, waiting to hear what it was I had to say.

I find myself more and more often struggling with simple, basic things like this, and then in turn circling around in my head to try and find to root of these problems.

I never find a conclusion, but rather several tiny possibilities. Am I intimidated? I once had a tall, somewhat foreboding middle aged man tell me that he saw me as a person who never got intimidated- yet here I sit defying his sage insight, in the middle of a room filled with well dressed, optimistic looking girls quivering and stuttering to emit forth a simple spoken paragraph.

My lack of bravery during class really surprises me. I'm usually a more outspoken and personally honest person- if I feel I should say something I simply do. But recently I bite my tongue, and I'm not entirely sure why. In a way I feel like I'm interrupting everyone else's education. My roommate told me it's because I'm not a very confrontational person. That seems like a good answer, but I think I still have some self speculation to occupy my time with.

Luckily I've found a remedy to all my problems.

It's starts with 'Choc' and ends with 'late milk'.

On a lighter note, aren't the trees outside the theater gorgeous? I look forward to seeing them every day.

Hope you all have had a relatively pleasant week.

love, rudi

Sunday, September 19

First Impression

I have a big day today everyone!

Yesterday I had my first theater audition! It was scary! It was exciting!

And look!!

I got called back!!

I was so nervous because I've only done one or two serious auditions before, and naturally I was panicking because this was my first time introducing myself to the director, who is also a theater teacher here. Not to mention it was my first college audition in general. I just knew I was going to completely bomb it- forget my lines or get tongue tied or pull some ridiculous Three Stooges-like prat fall upon introducing myself.

But apparently things went smoothly! I went to my callbacks today, had tons of fun reading scenes, and finally took a big, satisfied deep breath to congratulate myself on simply surviving.

Now I need to survive writing two more pages for my six page essay! Yaaay college!!

love, rudi

Saturday, September 18

Hey guys! I missed you!!

Want to know what I've been doing lately?

Homework! Class!! More homework!!!

I've just recovered from my first big homework blip- you know, when every teacher assigns a test, project, and/or paper and they're all due within the same two-day proximity. WOWZA it was hard but I made it through!

But last weekend was so much fun! My friends and I dressed up to go dancing (again- that seems to be a weekend ritual) at Stephens' Warehouse Theater 90s dance!

I'm the one in the bandana top next to Brittany Spears baby spice, and Shania Twain.

How often do you get to say that sentence?

But let me tell you all what the most fun part of my life has been these days.

Scene Shop.

That's right- scene shop as in building sets and drilling in screws and sawing wood in half and playing with a big scary rigging system! I signed up for the first play's crew expecting to paint a backdrop or something, and ended up having the time of my life in the shop with the power tools, sewing 40 foot long curtains and climbing 50 feet in the air to the grid. I'm so excited to have suddenly-immediatly, even- discovered a new love in theater! Who would have I thought I'd be a techie?

The only downside to crew is the ungodly amount of time it seems to seep up, and the fact that I am physically exhausted and a giggly sort of lightheaded from running around all the time. I'm not used to working out, nor am I used to not taking two naps a day!

Speaking of naps...I think now would be a pretty good time for me to take advantage of some free time in a sleepy kind of way...

Hope you all have an awesome weekend planned!

love, rudi

P.S. In blog related news, I was recently informed that you can't submit comments on here! My blog is broken! Rest assured that I've sent an email to get this little kink fixed up. So you can send me lovin's!

And I LOVE lovin's!

Monday, September 6

I have never experienced such a long weekend in my life!

Of course it's the same time period as any other three day weekend, but somehow time has gone by so slowly- which is awesome, because I've been having a blast. Seriously. "Having a blast" is even how my Sims 3 Rudi is described.

Oh yeah. Sims 3. When I installed it on my computer yesterday I knew that it would be the undoing of any social life I have thus far been lucky enough to create here.

I'll let ya'll know what happens.


Yesterday was really amazing, though. To be honest with you all I've been a bit of a wreck this weekend- my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and I broke up on Thursday, and so of course things have been totally, tragically off balance since then- but yesterday everything sort of came to this peaceful conclusion. The weather was perfectly crispy and cool, and besides sleeping in (heaven!) and getting a lot done as far as cleaning and leftover homework goes, I had a great day with my friends.

We walked around downtown a bit and went to Sparky's, a really neat off-the-wall ice cream parlor (their lavender honey ice cream is probably the best treat on earth, by the way). We nibbled on our goodies and walked down to a little park, where all of us lounged on rocks by this little stream and stared up at the sky.

It was one of those perfect moments- a combination of everything being just absolutely beautiful and loving the people around you- it's just one more thing adding onto my list of why Stephens is the best place on earth.

Here are some photos of my friends!

Also on Friday night we got all dolled up and went dancing! Way fun times!

Also I'm so super excited about today, because my friend John Lampe is coming back to campus (or home, as most of us refer to Stephens) from his hometown. It's weird having most of your friends together except for one or two.


Off to breakfast! I am so excited about a bowl of cheerios and a cup of hot tea I can't even tell you all.

So excited.


love, rudi

Saturday, September 4

Sketchy Couches

Hey! Remember when I mentioned a move-in video a few posts ago? It's all finished! Go check it out here.

As you can probably tell due to my pathetic lack of posts this week, I've been a little busy, and my week has been such a jumble bumble of wonderful little moments and unexplainably hilarious jokes that it would be complete nonsense to attempt describing everything.

But such is college.

I'll begin with an advertisement!

(sort of)

-I joined Sketchy Business! It's a comedy sketch club thingy co-presidented by my friend Alex Molnar:

and her friend Ally Poole (whom I do not yet have a picture of...) and so far the club is just way fun. If any of you are not theater majors but want your life to be awesome, and/or try your hand at writing, director, or making people buckle over with laughter (aka acting). I recommend stopping by a meeting or a show.

We're having a creative writing workshop on Monday at 11 PM in the Arena Classroom- stop by! I'll be there, and then you and I can be great friends and have many adventures!

And speaking of adventures!

Have I mentioned anything about my friend Dylan's couch?

It's....well.....it's not that it's completely nasty. Or, well, maybe that came out wrong. It stinks and all, but it's got this...like...well.....

How do I put this?

It's a couch. It's orange and brown plaid. My friend Dylan bought it at the Salvation Army, and we ended up being forced to throw out the mattress in the pull-out bed part because the smell of dog was so intoxicating.

Here's the proud father himself:

We have since added a oh-so-groovy blue armchair to our menagerie. It doesn't smell.

Also yesterday I had a photo shoot with my across-the-hall neighbor Mariah (who I'm pretty sure is going to turn out being that best friend from college everyone gets) for a freshman representative spot she's hoping to get.

My photo-taking skills are much to be lacking, and my photo editing skills could use even more work, but they turned out pretty awesome anyway.

I credit the costume.

It's time for homework! Would it be far too nerdy of me if I admitted I'm looking forward to writing an essay? It's about food!

love, rudi