Wednesday, October 26

And the Winner Is...

Hey girls! 

Two big things happening this week:


 The Reveal of my new blog layout!! I've been wanting to redesign for a long time to something simpler and cleaner, and that allowed bigger pictures in the posts, and now the new look is finally here! I'm hoping to add more and more to the blog as time goes by, so keep reading. :)


Tomorrow I have an interiew that I'm really nervous and excited about. Creative Ink is the "student-run integrated marketing communications firm" at Stephens, and they're only accepting two or three new applicants this year. I want to be a part of it so bad. They do advertising work for real clients, so it's crazy great for your portfolio as a designer/marketing student, but I'm mostly excited about being a part of the team. That sounds so Disney, but it's true! It's a group of 12 passionate and driven creatives pulled together to collaborate and work on big projects in inspired ways- I don't know about you, but that's pretty much my dream job scenario anyway.

So I'm nervous. Which is really weird for me- I don't usually get nervous about presentations, performances, or interviews. I'm sure that it's because I've been thinking about it a lot, and that I want the position so badly. Interviews aren't my strong suit out of the public-speaking world, either. I'm usually excited about whatever I'm being interviewed about, and my personality really gets strong when I'm excited. That may sound like a good thing, but I have a lot of personality. People expect you to be nervous or shy during interviews, and when I burst in all energetic and fearless like some golden retriever it's a little off-putting.

Anyway. Despite my butterflies, I'm fairly certain that as long as I play this song in the background while I walk in slow motion to my interview, I'll win. 

  Wish me luck :)

love, rudi

Monday, October 17

The Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs

No one had class this past Friday, so we decided to go camping! It was so much fun!!! We had a giant tent, we had a fire, we had camp food and bagels toasted over that roasty fire, we had great music and great talks, we had EVERYTHING!

Plus we had a photoshoot, just to prove to the world that we actually had the guts to go out in nature : )
Around the campfire we decided that our new tribe needed a name and a call to Yawlp into the night, so we decided on "Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs" (loosely based on The Rural Juror, for you fellow 30 Rock fans) and, well, a noise that doesn't really have very convenient spelling options.

Anyway, the unity we developed as The Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs really came in handy when we had to come together to defeat our first enemy in the wilderness: The alleged Honey Badger that made a crazy noise behind our tent and kept walking around our campsite, scaring the crap out of us. Based on the fast that it sniffed our tent purring, logic may or may not prove that we had nothing to worry about, but never-the-less we've narrowed the true Honey 

Badger identity to these things based on the noises we found on the internet:
A scary night fox. A beaver. Or a camel.
Pretty sure it's the camel.

love, rudi

Wednesday, October 5

Citizen Jane and the Circus

All work and no play, girls! I've had a very busy yet very entertaining two weeks. Mid terms are slowly peeking their ugly little heads into my schedule, and for two of my classes that meant two portfolio presentations in one week. At least...I really hope those portfolio presentations were considered as midterms.

I spent all weekend doing two things: prepping my designs for my portfolios, and taking photos for the Citizen Jane Film Festival! For those of you who don't know much about it, Citizen Jane is hosted here at Stephens and is based around female film makers. I got to see two *amazing* documentaries myself, and I was certainly glad I forced myself to get out of the studios to take advantage of the festival. There was so much art everywhere!

Some of the neatest photos I got were from the Citizen Jane Circus held in our administrative building Lela Rainey Wood Hall. It was magical, walking into a ballroom full of free popcorn and cotton candy, dancers juggling scarves, girls in glittery costumes hosting an arm wrestling competition, a costume-filled photo booth, and this super fancy aerialist!

Of course, the main point of Citizen Jane was to expose talented female film makers, but for their side of the story you'll just have to attend yourself next year and hear it from their work. No photography allowed :)

love, rudi