Monday, October 17

The Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs

No one had class this past Friday, so we decided to go camping! It was so much fun!!! We had a giant tent, we had a fire, we had camp food and bagels toasted over that roasty fire, we had great music and great talks, we had EVERYTHING!

Plus we had a photoshoot, just to prove to the world that we actually had the guts to go out in nature : )
Around the campfire we decided that our new tribe needed a name and a call to Yawlp into the night, so we decided on "Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs" (loosely based on The Rural Juror, for you fellow 30 Rock fans) and, well, a noise that doesn't really have very convenient spelling options.

Anyway, the unity we developed as The Nah-tour Voy-a-geuhs really came in handy when we had to come together to defeat our first enemy in the wilderness: The alleged Honey Badger that made a crazy noise behind our tent and kept walking around our campsite, scaring the crap out of us. Based on the fast that it sniffed our tent purring, logic may or may not prove that we had nothing to worry about, but never-the-less we've narrowed the true Honey 

Badger identity to these things based on the noises we found on the internet:
A scary night fox. A beaver. Or a camel.
Pretty sure it's the camel.

love, rudi

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