Friday, July 13

Tough Farm Girl


Howdy everybody!! Up until this past week my summer vacation has been nothing but sleeping and babysitting, with a science museum visit here and there and a lot of great new restaurants. My lazy schedule was so shaken up this week, though, when I helped out at a summer camp for 3-5 year olds at our new favorite farm!

The fam and I had visited the farm many times before, and when Farmer Rosie (or Grandma Rosie, as Sadie calls her) asked me if I was free to help her out. Uhmm- get paid to play with babies on your farm? Lemme think about that...

So, of course, this week was amazing and filled with adorable stories and adorable smiles. It was so great seeing these kids buck up and be so brave when faced with giant hungry goats and muddy pigs- but as I always told them (especially when little scrapes and bumps appeared) "You've gotta be tough on the farm!"These pics are just from a single day at camp- those youngsters didn't let me have my hands empty long enough to take many more! I was way too busy carrying warm eggs, baby bunnies, and farm-sticky hands during long walks. It was hot, it was exhausting, but man was it fun! I'm really going to miss all those little friends I made. Like, a lot. I know of a good four or five I could steal away and cuddle with forever.



Hope your summer is going great!! Here's to sleep, food, hours and hours of reading, and more sleep!


love, rudi