Sunday, September 19

First Impression

I have a big day today everyone!

Yesterday I had my first theater audition! It was scary! It was exciting!

And look!!

I got called back!!

I was so nervous because I've only done one or two serious auditions before, and naturally I was panicking because this was my first time introducing myself to the director, who is also a theater teacher here. Not to mention it was my first college audition in general. I just knew I was going to completely bomb it- forget my lines or get tongue tied or pull some ridiculous Three Stooges-like prat fall upon introducing myself.

But apparently things went smoothly! I went to my callbacks today, had tons of fun reading scenes, and finally took a big, satisfied deep breath to congratulate myself on simply surviving.

Now I need to survive writing two more pages for my six page essay! Yaaay college!!

love, rudi

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