Saturday, September 18

Hey guys! I missed you!!

Want to know what I've been doing lately?

Homework! Class!! More homework!!!

I've just recovered from my first big homework blip- you know, when every teacher assigns a test, project, and/or paper and they're all due within the same two-day proximity. WOWZA it was hard but I made it through!

But last weekend was so much fun! My friends and I dressed up to go dancing (again- that seems to be a weekend ritual) at Stephens' Warehouse Theater 90s dance!

I'm the one in the bandana top next to Brittany Spears baby spice, and Shania Twain.

How often do you get to say that sentence?

But let me tell you all what the most fun part of my life has been these days.

Scene Shop.

That's right- scene shop as in building sets and drilling in screws and sawing wood in half and playing with a big scary rigging system! I signed up for the first play's crew expecting to paint a backdrop or something, and ended up having the time of my life in the shop with the power tools, sewing 40 foot long curtains and climbing 50 feet in the air to the grid. I'm so excited to have suddenly-immediatly, even- discovered a new love in theater! Who would have I thought I'd be a techie?

The only downside to crew is the ungodly amount of time it seems to seep up, and the fact that I am physically exhausted and a giggly sort of lightheaded from running around all the time. I'm not used to working out, nor am I used to not taking two naps a day!

Speaking of naps...I think now would be a pretty good time for me to take advantage of some free time in a sleepy kind of way...

Hope you all have an awesome weekend planned!

love, rudi

P.S. In blog related news, I was recently informed that you can't submit comments on here! My blog is broken! Rest assured that I've sent an email to get this little kink fixed up. So you can send me lovin's!

And I LOVE lovin's!

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