Monday, September 6

I have never experienced such a long weekend in my life!

Of course it's the same time period as any other three day weekend, but somehow time has gone by so slowly- which is awesome, because I've been having a blast. Seriously. "Having a blast" is even how my Sims 3 Rudi is described.

Oh yeah. Sims 3. When I installed it on my computer yesterday I knew that it would be the undoing of any social life I have thus far been lucky enough to create here.

I'll let ya'll know what happens.


Yesterday was really amazing, though. To be honest with you all I've been a bit of a wreck this weekend- my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and I broke up on Thursday, and so of course things have been totally, tragically off balance since then- but yesterday everything sort of came to this peaceful conclusion. The weather was perfectly crispy and cool, and besides sleeping in (heaven!) and getting a lot done as far as cleaning and leftover homework goes, I had a great day with my friends.

We walked around downtown a bit and went to Sparky's, a really neat off-the-wall ice cream parlor (their lavender honey ice cream is probably the best treat on earth, by the way). We nibbled on our goodies and walked down to a little park, where all of us lounged on rocks by this little stream and stared up at the sky.

It was one of those perfect moments- a combination of everything being just absolutely beautiful and loving the people around you- it's just one more thing adding onto my list of why Stephens is the best place on earth.

Here are some photos of my friends!

Also on Friday night we got all dolled up and went dancing! Way fun times!

Also I'm so super excited about today, because my friend John Lampe is coming back to campus (or home, as most of us refer to Stephens) from his hometown. It's weird having most of your friends together except for one or two.


Off to breakfast! I am so excited about a bowl of cheerios and a cup of hot tea I can't even tell you all.

So excited.


love, rudi

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