Saturday, September 4

Sketchy Couches

Hey! Remember when I mentioned a move-in video a few posts ago? It's all finished! Go check it out here.

As you can probably tell due to my pathetic lack of posts this week, I've been a little busy, and my week has been such a jumble bumble of wonderful little moments and unexplainably hilarious jokes that it would be complete nonsense to attempt describing everything.

But such is college.

I'll begin with an advertisement!

(sort of)

-I joined Sketchy Business! It's a comedy sketch club thingy co-presidented by my friend Alex Molnar:

and her friend Ally Poole (whom I do not yet have a picture of...) and so far the club is just way fun. If any of you are not theater majors but want your life to be awesome, and/or try your hand at writing, director, or making people buckle over with laughter (aka acting). I recommend stopping by a meeting or a show.

We're having a creative writing workshop on Monday at 11 PM in the Arena Classroom- stop by! I'll be there, and then you and I can be great friends and have many adventures!

And speaking of adventures!

Have I mentioned anything about my friend Dylan's couch?

It''s not that it's completely nasty. Or, well, maybe that came out wrong. It stinks and all, but it's got

How do I put this?

It's a couch. It's orange and brown plaid. My friend Dylan bought it at the Salvation Army, and we ended up being forced to throw out the mattress in the pull-out bed part because the smell of dog was so intoxicating.

Here's the proud father himself:

We have since added a oh-so-groovy blue armchair to our menagerie. It doesn't smell.

Also yesterday I had a photo shoot with my across-the-hall neighbor Mariah (who I'm pretty sure is going to turn out being that best friend from college everyone gets) for a freshman representative spot she's hoping to get.

My photo-taking skills are much to be lacking, and my photo editing skills could use even more work, but they turned out pretty awesome anyway.

I credit the costume.

It's time for homework! Would it be far too nerdy of me if I admitted I'm looking forward to writing an essay? It's about food!

love, rudi

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