Saturday, August 28

First Week of School!

Hey everyone!

As promised, I'm here with a report on my first week of college!

AH! Read that again! First Week of College!!

I've mentioned this to several people in real life (I know- it's shocking- there's a life outside the internet!), but I think it kind of sums up why being in college is such a foreign idea to me: Doesn't everyone still sort of consider themselves as kids? Or at least as younger teenagers? I've never been an adult, all of my memories happened when I was a teenager or a child. So it's weird to think that I'm old enough to be a college student, basically an independent adult in charge of my everything- money, time, responsibility or lack thereof.

It's a little trippy.

But let's get back on track!

As a general summary, it would be about accurate to describe my first week of college as one of the best I've experienced. Ever.

Let me blurt out a vague list why:

* I've met a whole slew of new friends, all of whom I genuinely like to be around. That's a relatively rare thing, isn't it? It's easy to make friends with people, but as far as having the luck of truly being interested in them? It's sort of in that "We're lucky to have one real, true friend in our entire life" philosophy bubble. I guess I'm just really, really, really fortunate to be suddenly surrounded by a hundred people I consider friends. I didn't feel like I had many friends when I was in high school, but now I feel like I know and love everybody. It's a beautiful feeling.

* My classes! This sounds completely made-up, but I actually enjoy the learning part of college- everything is on such a different level that my high school classes ever were. I'm so interested in everything everyone else has to say- I feel like such an academic! I'll probably have some sort of "I Take It Back"  post when mid-terms and/or finals come along, but for now let's just sit in the eye of the storm and enjoy it, shall we?

*The city of Columbia is so wonderful- it's not the biggest city in the world but it's so much more interesting than my tiny little ex-town in Kentucky. Yesterday a few friends and I walked downtown to search for an appropriate flamenco skirt (which is another point in itself- Stephens has a flamenco dance class) and the downtown is so quaint and adorable, not to mention the thrift stores are to die for.

So shopping with my girly girls was fun enough, but being such the boy I am, I have to say I was most thrilled (and thrilled the next day over again thanks to my neighbor Mariah's oh-so-handy empty fridge) to find the most delicious Shredded Beef Torta at El Rancho's, the Mexican restaurant down the street from my dorm room. Oh. My. Goodness. Ohmygoodness. Is it okay that I only want to eat food if it contains shredded beef, avocado sauce and tons and tons of Mayo from now on? Cereal should be made in Torta flavors.

And I'm only mostly joking.

Here's me in heaven.

I know this post wasn't the most informative of posts, but so much happened that I can't possibly remember everything amazing to tell you. I can tell you, however, that at this exact moment I'm sitting in one of our male apprentices rooms (yes, we do have boys!) typing this up as the rest of them are sitting around singing barber shop songs very, very well. It's very much like walking onto a Disney movie set where Hilary Duff is sent to a music camp and a Jonas brother falls in love with her, but has to defeat twenty levels of music-themed obstacles in order to be accepted to the Julliard-esque school of his dreams- therefore finally becoming worthy of Hilary.

My point is these boys are amazingly talented- and that's just neat.

Anyway- I'm off to watch King Lear!

love, rudi

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