Friday, January 27

Birthday Party TIme!!

Party Party Parties!!

This past weekend me and the gang had a big birthday party for each other- three of us have birthdays in December and January, so we decide to have a big party for all of us! 

We had super big plans for our party- we were going to make a giant fort in Megan and Kasey's apartment, dress up in fancy costumes with lots of "jewels", and play lots of games.

We ended up having to hang up scarves on the walls due to the apartment's lack of high furniture to tie sheets to. Courtney and I did wear our matching prom gowns that we bought at the Theatre Department's costume sale a few months ago, Morgan made an amazing homemade veggie pot pie, and my mommy had ordered fancy spancy cupcakes from Bijoux Cupcakes in town!

Let's talk about those cupcakes. Holy my macaronies, they were sublime! They were s'mores cupcakes (for our fort party!) filled with melty chocolate and marshmallow cream, and topped with graham crackers and a chunk of Hershey's and a big roasted marshmallow. We tried eating them without looking completely disgusting, but it was soon clear that they couldn't be properly enjoyed that way. 

They were so good. They made me make crazy faces of glee.

love, rudi

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  1. I love this post. Your pictures are so pretty.


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