Thursday, November 3


I got the extremely disappointing news on Friday that I didn't get accepted into Creative Ink, that really awesome . I really pouted about it for a while- things this year have been going really well for me and I've been on a great "I win" streak, so it was sort of like having a glass of cold water tossed in my face. It's so necessary to have a humbling experience like that when you're winning too much, though. It keeps you working hard!

So in order to celebrate my humbling experience, me and the girls (and Joel, that redheaded guy you keep seeing around) dressed up for Halloween on Saturday night and went dancing! Dancing with my friends is the best hobby I've picked up here at Stephens, because not only is it way fun and a great way to meet non-Stephens people, but it's a months worth of workouts!

(This is us all pretending to be Courtney, the blonde on the left. She always makes this face in photos!)

And here's creepy Joel.

But after advising day on Wednesday and looking at my future schedule, I'm feeling less sad about the whole thing. It looks like (and I hope I'm not jinxing myself) I'll graduate Spring 2013! That's a full year early, which is so exciting! I love college, but I'm already so excited for all of the post-college adventures I'll be having. I can never stay in one place too long, it seems.

And what's more- there's a possibility that I'll be studying abroad!! But I really don't want to jinx that possibility, so more on that later!

I hope all of your Halloween's were as fun as mine!

love, rudi

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