Wednesday, August 11

Nine Days!!

So maybe some of you good people read this title and wondered,

"Oh, hm, something exciting must be happening for this young lass in nine days."

Well you would be right you pondering, blog-reading citizens of the United States of Looking-at-the-Stephens-Website. Something totally exciting is happening for this young lass in nine days:

I'm moving into my dorm at Stephens!!!!

This event is kind of going to be the beginning of my life, since I'm officially moving out of my mommy's well kept house and into what will more than likely be a room resembling a clothes vs. general garbage war-zone (I'm just kidding, of course...I hope.)

I'm guessing, based on the type of people who are more than likely to read this blog, you fall in to one of these three categories:

1) The Experienced College Student, who has already gone through the exciting and terrifying experience of flying out from the nest, and can now gently scoff at their soon-to-be freshmen pals for being so silly and afraid of living on their own. "Aren't they just so naive?" Says one sophisticated college sophomore to another. "Oh, indeed. Do you even remember when we were that young?" And of course neither of them do.

2) The Panicked Parent, who is currently sifting through my blog posts in an attempt to reassure themselves that their beautiful baby girl will be just fine while away from the comforting boundaries of home. Either that, or they're looking for incriminating evidence that will allow them to gleefully announce at the dinner table, "I'm sorry daughter, but you must stay in this house for at least one more year." I'm pretty sure my own mother is in the last group.

I feel so sorry for my mommy. All she'll have when I leave is this little kitty to keep her company when I leave off for college. Well, and her husband and her friends and my baby sister. It's just that they aren't in this picture.

3) Fresh Faced Youth attempting to catch an inside look of what the first year of college is really like. Well, my beloved youth with fresh faces, I do hope with all my heart that I can help you out in that particular category. Which is why I'm going to tell you the truth right now:

I'm not scared a bit. I'm way too excited for classes and meeting friends, I'm too excited about meeting new friends and getting into adventures to be sad about leaving my old town. Of course I'll miss my mommy and my sister and house, and I already cried about how much I'll miss my boyfriend (I know, I'm such a girl!), but I know I'll only be sad for a little while.

But besides all the typical going-to-college positives- I'll be doing theater again!! I haven't been involved in my high school theater since the beginning of my junior year of high school, and I am so excited about jumping back into what I love most. I'll be able to properly show you later on in the year how much fun theater is. You'll have to guess until then.

love, rudi


  1. Hey Rudi. It's so cool that you're doing this blog. Just like you I am an entering stephens freshwomen. I am majoring in theatre and integrated media. I can't wait to meet you. I am from texas so I am a little nervous for the adventure that awaits me in Columbia. I'm trying to start a blog as well. The theme is Pop culture. Movies, TV shows, music, books, celebrity I'm in love with it all. Do you have any advice?

  2. Rudi,

    I am glad youre excited to come to stephens! I LOVE it here and i know you will too! =] see you on campus soon!


  3. Hey Rudi, just wanted to welcome you to Stephens. I will be a sophmore this fall. All the best to you. And if I may add another category-: Returning student still trying to figure it all out.


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