Sunday, December 12

The End!

Classes are finally over!
Please do not confuse my excitement with absolute joy. I am partially devastated that some of my classes are over. With only one or two exceptions that receive only partial affection, I really, really love my classes this semester. My acting class has been a wonderful experience, as it was one of the smaller, more intimate classes. I'll have a lot of contact with most of my theater teachers after this semester, but there are even more of my teachers that I won't have the opportunity to hang out with as much. And honestly, I've been lucky to have a quirky bunch of teachers I really enjoy.

But I AM excited! I'm not homesick, really, but I am looking so forward to going home and being with my family. Thanksgiving break was such a tease! It's time for naps with my baby sister, chats with my stepdad, hugs and talks with mommy, and adventures with my boyfriend. It was always true, but now it's more true: You never really know what you've got 'til it's gone.

I have a slew of photos for you! My good friend Alex came to the rescue with a card reader, so I can now share my adventures!

This is the delicious coffee and butterscotch pie Hannah and I indulged in last weekend. Super. Super. Super Good.

Last night some girls were riding a scooter in the hall! It was SO FUN!

I have to say, as bittersweet as leaving Stephens is, I'm so excited for the break. More so than I ever was in high school!

So, so excited.

love, rudi

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