Wednesday, July 20

Connecticut, Land of the Fun

Boy. My head is so overwhelmed, I've got to catch you all up on what's been going on in my life this month!
For the 4th of July week I went to Connecticut with my boyfriend and his mother to visit their extended family, all of whom I had either met between 0-2 times, and all of whom are funny, Italian,
and perfectly fit the description of what I expect funny Italian North-Easterners to be.
We did a lot of beaching and visiting, but mostly we spent a lot of time eating. Actually, I think I spent most of my time eating during my entire vacation up north. At least, that's what I have the most pictures of! 

It was such a blast going to barbecues and hanging around with Chris' family. They're such a fun crew!
Coming up next: My amazing Stephens trip to New York!

love, rudi

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