Tuesday, September 13

Girly Girls

 Hey ya'll! I had the best and quickest weekend. Sarah Reeter, my beloved ex-roommate from last year, was in and out of Columbia a bit and we had the nicest mini-visits. On Friday she, Courtney (the blonde one), and I spent a good hour or so in Stamper Commons munching on dinner and chatting, and finally ended up walking downtown and window shopping.

   If I mentioned it once, I mentioned it a thousand times to them, but I have a new goal. I have a lot of clothes (a lot) but half of them either don't fit me very well or don't fit my ever-evolving style. I've been working on my collection since the 7th grade or so, and I think I'm finally ready to start dressing like a grown up. It's been on my mind a bunch lately. Do you all have any store suggestions?The only website I know to check out is Modcloth, and even their stuff is too similar to my previous flowery, cutesy style.
Anyway, I talked to the girls about it a whole bunch, and we ended up playing dress up.

Then on Saturday Courtney and I got our nails done. It was my first time!! About a week ago we were talking and I realized that I am a sophomore in college, I'm not exactly a tomboy, and I've never had my nails done. It seemed insane, so I made us appointments that day. I spent all week getting excited about it, and it completely livd up to the hype. I feel like a princess every time I look at my hands.

Courtney did this crazy thing where she got some sort of crackle-effect nail super duper polish, and she ended up with some awesome looking Spider Man nails that have secretly made her feel like a rebel all week. She's been wearing her leather jackets a lot...don't tell her I noticed.

On Sunday Courtney and I wanted to take our new mentiz (we're mentoring together! More on that once we have our first mentor/mentiz date) to the Roots and Blues Festival, but we didn't realize it closed on Sunday. It was so disappointing expecting a big sloppy pulled pork sandwich and getting chicken and rice instead, even if Jingo's does have the best Crab Rangoon I've ever had.

And to answer that question on your mind, Yes. I did get my homework done.

love, rudi

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