Saturday, December 3

Kitty Cat Kitty!

This is Penny, our new kitty! She's got a little kitty cast on because she just got declawed this week.

I told you in my last post how my mom surprised me with my boyfriend and this sweet little girl when she picked me up for Thanksgiving Break. My first day home was Penny's first day with our family, too, and she blended right in! Our previous kitty friends have always been shy or nervous being in a new place with new smells and people for the first couple of days, but the minute she was out of her little cat-to-go box she was snuggling and loving all over.

It's been a while since my family has had a good cat around. When our first cat Ollie died a few years ago, we tried finding another cat that could be half as amazing as him (he was seriously the most amazing pet in the world) but nothing really worked out. Last year we got Mac Gatsby and Deek Estella, but after tearing mom's curtains to shreds they ran away together, like a little cat rascal gang.

Then last summer I fell in love with a teeny tiny girl while volunteering at the animal shelter. You might remember my posts about Bing Bing Fing. She was just a week old (sad things happened to momma cat) so I bottle fed her and kept her by my side 24 hours a day. Eventually her littleness got the best of her, and she just slipped away.

But it seems that we've finally struck gold! There's nothing like going home to a loving pet. They're the bets cuddlers, and don't wake you up by licking your face like my little sister does.

love, rudi

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