Tuesday, December 13

Midnight Breakfast!

Stephens has this *awesome* tradition when finals week comes around.
Oh, yeah, by the way, it's finals week. That's why I'm fighting to keep my eyes open while typing this.

Anyway, the tradition is called Midnight Breakfast. It's not only the gift of a midnight snack of bacon and fluffy pancakes, but the gift of having that snack served to you by your teachers, admissions counselors, and even President Dianne Lynch herself! 
Oh, and also? We have a DJ, and everyone dances until their footy pajamas are threadbare.

 credit: Ericka Burse

credit: Halea Boulter

Yvonne, one of my teachers and the Director of Leadership and Diversity, with a group of students.
credit: Mariah Overstreet

credit: Mariah Overstreet

credit: Mariah Overstreet

 credit: Meghan Copler

Recognize these faces? That's Rachel, Rikki, Andrew, and Jamie from the admissions department! 
credit: Stephens Dining

And of course- lovely Margaret who edits our papers, Corrie from the library, and President Dianne Lynch! Serving bacon like a pro, despite being a vegetarian.

credit: Stephens Dining

Last night was a total hit! The cafeteria was full of people dancing and enjoying themselves, laughing and temporarily forgetting the terrors of finals week. I love that Stephens shows so much support during these terrible times, from Midnight Breakfast to the library staying open extra late and serving coffee and sprinkled donuts (!!!). 

So thanks, Stephens. We sure appreciate it.

love, rudi


  1. I love the idea that Stephens is taking care of my daughter when I can't . Thanks from a grateful mama!

  2. what a great idea. I may have to try that during inventory week. Good luck with finals---

  3. I wish they had this when I was there... we had reading day and door slam!


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