Sunday, August 19

Welcome back to school everybody!

Back to school time is such a scary time for me- way scarier than when I say goodbye to friends at the end of the year. After spending a summer complaining that I'm bored you'd think I would be happy to get back to work, but the impending business is so intimidating! Maybe I'm just a worst case scenario person, but back to school doesn't trigger daydreams about fun parties and 'laughing it up with the girls'- I just realize how busy and tired and (thanks to the Missouri winters and so-called spring) cold I'm going to be for the next ten months. Am I a downer? Mmm...maybe.

I drove in to Columbia after three days of being on the road- after moving to NC the drive takes about 18 hours, and I split it up by visiting some of my favorite friends. At this point I'd like to throw out a huge "Thank You" to the universe for breaking my camera right before my trip, so naturally I don't have entertaining pictures of my adventures eating Carribean food with the Pushards or of me and the boyfriend laying in mountain valleys watching meteor showers. But I promise you, everyone looked attractive and happiness was spilling out of our eyes.

So coming into town wasn't the usual rush of adrenaline it usually is, so my momma flew in to help me settle back in, threw me a couple of really great pep talks (which my stepdad added heartily to over the phone) and made me feel 10000% more optimistic about the coming year. And another huge bonus was having lunch with Xander Kennedy, my favorite male in a 400 mile radius and the new soccer coach here at Stephens, and hanging out with recently-graduated love of my life Morgan Myers and her boyfriend Joel, my second favorite male in a 400 mile radius.

Can I tell you something? It has been my experience on this campus that, if you need help, call for it and it will come. And consider that an open invitation, freshman. If you need a mentor or advice- email me or Facebook me or whatever. I can always use a new friend.

love, rudi


  1. It's about time you're posting again. I really, really missed reading all your adventures at Stephens!

  2. Rudi, this is your mamma. I love you and I want you to be happy. You are an outstanding person in every sense of the word. Always remember to ask....the answer is automatically no when you don't.
    Sadie says "Hi FaFa."


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