Sunday, September 9


Hey everybody! 

So I have some catching up to do. I'll start with my Sunday afternoons first! Last week my gorgeous friend Annie (that's her in the neon cargos) started teaching a Zumba class on campus. I was terrified to try- exercise has never, ever been something I'm comfortable with and to do it in a room full of other people was sort of the scariest thing I could imagine- especially being around people I knew and would see every day! 

But now Annie gets to throw out a great big "I TOLD YOU SO!", because I love Zumba and I'm so, so glad I bucked up the courage to go that first time. I've always loved dancing (you remember my Dirty Disco posts?) and it's so wonderful to be able to just go dancing every Sunday and know my body's getting the benefits! And all of a sudden, I feel good and healthy and pretty and, dare I say it, on my way to being fit.

This is huge, guys. It's like I just tried coffee for the first time. Quite the game changer. 

And even though I (and everyone else?) felt like this:

We looked like this:

If any of you are interested, you should come! It's totally competition free- you're way too busy dancing like a fool to notice what anyone else is doing- trust me, I wouldn't go if I was uncomfortable. And it's nothing but fun! We meet Sundays at 2:00 in the second floor dance studio in Senior Hall- bring three bucks, some water, and a smile!

love, rudi

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  1. If a person must exercise, it should at least be fun! Love the face down picture, btw..


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