Friday, June 25

Finally Home!

Are you ready for a huge post? Here it comes! I hope you have 10 minutes!

As with many of you, most of my summer vacation thus far has been spent away from home. I've been living with my grandmother sine early June, with no computer (eek!) and barely any air conditioning (double eek!). It's been nice, though, almost entirely disconnecting myself from the outside world. It's sort of like Stephens' Vespers, except it's a month long instead of 15 minutes and I'm making a quilt instead of simply not chatting on my phone.

Oh yes, I said making a quilt. I am so ready for my costume class.

But I am at Granny's no longer! I was whisked away after a family reunion (I love our potlucks!) to one of my favorite towns ever-

( release the confetti!) Columbia, Missouri! (cheering crowds everywhere!)

Let me start off by saying I love, love, love Columbia. I've traveled around a considerable amount, and visited many great towns and cities- but Columbia just completely lights me up with happiness! Maybe it's just because know I'll be living here, and every place I see becomes a possible place where something significant will happen to me, or a place where I'll be. As you can tell, I visualize my coming semesters with a certain dream like quality.

Which, in my opinion, is the absolute best thing to do.

Our trip was so much fun! Every time I visit (even though I've only been twice) has been an adventure in itself.

I'm gonna make this easy and list everything off. People don't read blogs to, well, read. They want pictures! I shall deliver!

1) My family (my three year old sister, step-father Ben, and mother) arrived at ten thirty P.M. after a 10 hour drive. We all felt like mud, but Ben and I decided it was necessary to get lost in the maze of off-ramps of Columbia while searching for a Chinese restaurant that was still open and willing to grill hibachi for us. We found one. Which was unreal. And delicious. Point One for Columbia.

I don't have a picture of the restaurant, but I do have a picture of this awesome dragon.

This is from Cool Stuff in downtown Columbia. I kind of want one for my dorm, even though it's the size of a goat and it's ferocious teeth would most likely give me nightmares.

2) I registered for my classes early in the morning, and I got my student ID!

Whaddya think? Is it me? Is it not me? Hmmm...

3) I met with the blog people! The blog people being Sarah and Sara, two lovely ladies in body and mind on the Stephens staff, and one of my favorite people of late (and the man with all the answers) Xander. We talked and talked about none other than the blog you're currently reading! It's about to have a major makeover- I am so excited! I've always wanted to design a blog to be just how I want it to be, and now is my chance! I can't wait to see how pretty this thing turns out to be. Blogging here is something I'm seriously looking forward to. After chatting with the Sara(h)'s and Xander about the possibilities and plans, I've been fishing the internet for ideas and inspiration from other blogs. It's awful that I'm spending my summer on the computer so much- but duty calls!

4) I got the chance to show my step-dad around the campus- probably the only time he'll be able to see it until I graduate again thanks to his work schedule. He was impressed! He works in the prison system, so he was super happy about the great security at Stephens. He kept talking about it- and was doubly excited when he found out that the security center was located in the basement of my dorm! Point One for Stephens.

Speaking of my dorm- I totally love this picture of the outside of my building (my building!! AHH I'm so excited!). It captures some of the school's cuteness.

And here's a statue on campus outside the admissions building. I'm not sure what the story is, though... I'll have to find someone who knows what this lady is all about.

She looks like Pocahontas, which I'm totally digging. Point Two for Stephens.

5) After getting all my business at the school wrapped up and buying my required summer reading book (which is totally interesting, by the way. It's called "When Everything Changed" by Gail Collins), I played a game similar to speed-dating with the other soon-to-be freshmen so we could try to find a roommate. It was so much fun! I'm always so amazed at how interesting Stephens girls are. I haven't met a single person related to Stephens in some way that I haven't enjoyed talking to. Point Three for Stephens.

5) After my speed-meeting with the girls, the family and I explored downtown a little. We had some excellent Thai  (can you tell we love Asian food?) and then enjoyed a hot box of custom made cookies from, naturally, HotBox Cookies.

I, and everyone else who's eaten there, highly recommend this place. I can't wait to waste all my food money on cookies.

Well you know the rest- I was sad to leave and sad to drive 10 hours back home. I was sad to arrive home at 6:30 in the morning, and after 16 hours of catching up on sleep, I was sad to not be in Columbia anymore....

But I am happy to tell you about my trip. :)

love, rudi

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