Monday, June 7

Stephens Sunday

Whoa! I almost let this Sunday escape me!

I actually spent my day in Knoxville, Tennessee. My boyfriend's been in Paris for a while, and I surprised  him at the airport! I picked some flowers for him on the way there.

I also ate some raspberry gelato- the best stuff in the world! Do you like my new beret? I felt awesome in it.

But in more important news:


1) I am officially one step closer to being at Stephens!!!

I TOTALLY graduated on Friday! It was fun times, and my entire family was there to see me!! I graduated Distinguished with High Honors- BUh-BAYUM!

My mom had this sign up in the yard when I came home. She lured me out there reluctantly to see it, "Rudi, honey, I need you to do some math for me..."

Tricky tricky momma!

2) Remember that beret I had on earlier? I'm going to be able to wear my beret during class and I won't feel silly wearing it in town in Columbia. This should count as two reasons I love Stephens...I always feel so limited with what I wear at school and in Corbin. Around all those girls, especially since Stephens has a pretty awesome fashion department,and therefore fashion majors, 3) I'll be able to wear cute outfits to class and around campus without feeling completely out of place. I always want to wear heels around Corbin, but I feel snotty when everyone else is in pajama pants and flip flops.

4) A fresh start. At graduation I wasn't that sad (I told you I was worried about not crying! I had to force out a few drops...). I realized it's because I was never really connected to the people I went to high school with. Around here, there's not very many new kids- and I hadn't grown up here like everyone else. Not to mention I'm a theater girl in a football town. Not a perfect match, just in case you were wondering.

But at Stephens, everyone will be starting new, and I can feel it in my bones that college life will be what most Corbin people think of high school: The best four years of my life!

5) I don't know what spring in Missouri looks like, but I have seen photos of campus when it's warm, and it looks pretty. Of course later on, when I'm actually there to enjoy it, I'll take pictures of everything for you guys, but we'll have to wait a while until that day comes. Driving through the mountains today made me really excited about nature. I hope Missouri has something to compensate for my beautiful mountains...I'm going to miss them terribly.

I'd love to stay and chat, but it's way past my bedtime!

I'm going to forewarn you that I'm spending a month and my grandma's house, and I don't think she has internet in her new house yet...

I will try my best, however, to update when I get the chance to! I'll miss you all!

love, rudi


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