Monday, June 7


So...well. Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow I graduate and high school will be gone (hopefully) forever.

It's weird,  but I'm not sad at all. I think I may be the only girl in my school who isn't really upset about the good-byes and change and moving away from mommy. I don't feel as though I'm leaving something important, I only feel like I'm getting closer to arriving somewhere. I'm assuming that somewhere is Stephens, of course.

I've been trying my best to find some, but there are ZERO 'end of year' pictures of me. I'll get some tomorrow and post them, though. I promise.

If any of you all are graduating tomorrow,

Good luck. May your tears (if you have any- I'm starting to worry that I'm completely inhuman for not shedding a single one so far) be joyful as much as full of sadness.

Because, just think! In, like, three months me and you will be buddies! And that sounds like the awesomest thing ever!

( I didn't take this picture. This person did.)

love, rudi

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