Monday, June 7

Since this blog is centered around my transition from high school to college, I think it's appropriate to talk about one of my closest and most hated friends who's followed my throughout my senior year:


Today is simply one of those days, you know? My school has two weeks left before graduation, and my teachers are the worst procrastinators I know. I've suddenly got a research paper, two more math tests (they make my soul cry), powerpoints galore, blah, blah, blah.

You all know what it's like- there's just so much stuff to do.

I'm slowly turning on my Turbo-Rudi super powers and kicking myself into high gear. If I just get up and do what I'm supposed to, it'll all magically get done. Right?

My daily sighs of relief come from these four things:

1) Sitting in my warm car for half a minute before driving home from school

2) Making myself four cups of hot tea when I get home

3) Ritualistically crossing off entries on my To Do list

4) My little sister's always present greeting "HAY FAFA!" (Fafa is her name for me), perfectly paired with a 'toofy' grin when I get home.

I'd like to add long hot showers and painting my toenails to my list, but these days I don't have time for those luxuries...

Dude. I am so ready for college.

love, rudi


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