Monday, June 7

Stephens Sunday!

I don't need to tell you how amazing God's gift to students

(more commonly known as The Weekend) is...

I've decided to use all my extra time this Sunday to begin a new tradition:

Here are five reasons I love Stephens RIGHT NOW!

1) On Friday I used a Stephens pencil to do my math test. I'm feeling moderately positive about the outcome, which is much improved from my usual feeling of dread and panic. I fully blame the Stephens pencil.

Note the lack of eraser.

2) Stephens is 9 hours away from where I live here in Corbin, and I love being one of the few people in my graduating class not going to college down the street. It makes me feel exotic. I am literally "movin' on up".

3) I've spent most of this weekend with one of my best friends Collette, who is forty-something and scrap-books and cooks and all that great stuff. We've been talking about decorations and paint and all kinds of homey things lately, and I'm so excited about decorating my dorm room. Stephens has really comfortable, unique dorm rooms, and I'm WAY excited to combine forces with whoever my roommate is and create a mini-home. (by the way, I'm a complete design/decorating/wallpaper/dishes nerd. You'll probably hear me talk/typing about that sort of stuff a lot.) I have several vintage picture frames ready to be painted blue. I'm making chalk boards like the one you see below.

[caption id="attachment_174" align="aligncenter" width="381" caption="photo from design sponge, my all time favorite blog"][/caption]


4) My admissions counselor Xander. He's probably 30% of the reason I chose Stephens anyway, and he's 100% why I started considering Stephens as a realistic college choice. Tomorrow is my school's senior awards day, when we spend several hours in the gym while the counselors hand out awards and scholarships. Most other students who are going to college in state have representatives from their college there, and even though I know Xander won't be there, I feel that he is probably one of the few school reps. who would want to be there.

Yay Stephens College for hiring Xander!

5) Today I'm craving the library. It's a little random, but I've been scouring the libraries around my town for sources for a giant english paper and our libraries have been slightly more than useless. Also it's usually too loud in my house (yay baby sister!) to study very well.  It'll be nice to have Stephen's useful library as well as a quiet place to go.

There's five reasons I love Stephens college this week. I guarantee I'll think of twenty more by the time next Sunday rolls around!

Have a great week everybody!! I'm hoping to still get in some dragon kite time. It's my new favorite hobby.

love, rudi


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