Monday, June 7

What a long week this has been!

Usually I find that when I'm busy time goes by faster, but this week completely ignored that rule. Every minute is a minute I have to be doing something- that end-of-year loose end tying is really wearing on me this time.

But only a week left!!

Maybe this week has been dragging by so terribly slow because we originally were planned to graduate last Friday. My body knows it shouldn't be sitting in a classroom anymore.

But I've made the day better with some of the finer things in life:

That's right. Hot cocoa and my Turtle shirt.

Monday was a pretty eventful day. As I mentioned in the last post, our senior awards ceremony took up most of the day, and it was so nice to see my friends and classmates walk up on stage to receive scholarships and awards and things- I felt like a proud mother.

But I think the most memorable event of the day was the faculty-student games, where seniors are picked into teams to play against teachers.

For some reason my classmates wanted to see me play basketball. It's hilarious, because I think before I ran onto the court in my costume was the first time I've even touched a basketball. I'm a theater kid for a reason. I didn't score any goals, but I definitely had the gym laughing.That's all that really matters, right?

Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a smiley face on my tube sock.

I'm a bit sad, though. Today my best friend Patrick, who I've spent this entire year with in math class every day (he's kind of my safety blanket when battling trig functions), flew off to Great Britain for two weeks. He wasn't at school, and there was an odd emptiness wherever I went.

Patrick leaving might be the first time I've realized I'm graduating. I hadn't felt even a little sad or nostalgic until we realized we'd had our last class ever together.

I got a little teary, even.

But I hope he's having fun! He only thinks he's got the better deal spending two weeks in London while I continue to sit in our cement high school alone-

he doesn't know we're having an ice cream party tomorrow. Ba-ha! I totally win.

But right now only one thing is important:

wish me luck tonight as I finish my English research paper.

love, rudi

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