Thursday, July 22

Summer Fun!

I'm pretty sure I've explained/complained how lazy and quasi-uneventful my summer has been so far. I get a little sick to my stomach when I realize I'm wasting time (although any outsider wouldn't be able to tell since I spent an ungodly amount of time on the internet). However, I officially remedied my summer sickness this past weekend!

Two summers ago I was accepted into this amazing acting summer camp called Governor's School for the Arts and made the best friends of my life (thus far, of course).

Well, I rarely get to see them because I live in nowhere and they live in cities 2-3 hours away, but this past weekend I made a super special trip to Louisville to meet up with some of them!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

There's a pretty funny story about this picture. We were sitting at Qdoba eating our burritos at the window, and these three ladies walked by and started cracking up and waving at us really big, making these crazy gestures. We had no idea what was going on!
One of them ran inside the restaurant and started explaining, "I"m so sorry! We were walking by and we thought you all were a poster or something! You all look like an advertisement! You all had these big smiles, eatin' your food all cute- you all are so cute! I'm so sorry this is so funny- you all looked like an advertisement- so cute!!"
Needless to say we all felt awesome.
I might send this picture to Qdoba.

I spent the first evening watching Much Ado About Nothing in the park with Kelsey and Craig (Who so graciously was my host and tour guide all weekend), two of my favorite gingers. The play was awesome mostly because it was Bollywood themed! I thought it was a groovy touch.

This is Kelsey and myself during intermission.

Here's Taylor, Craig, and Cameron. We spent a few hours in the Speed Art Museum in Louisville. We played a game where we tried to find ourselves in classical paintings. I was usually the hot lady with the big hair and an attractive youth escorting her somewhere to purchase her something lovely and expensive. Yeah that's me.

I spent most of the weekend driving around to coffeehouses to get energy while I stayed up all night giggling and watching funny movies with my dear friends, and spreading out my handy old quilt for impromptu picnics and lazing up and down artsy downtown streets during the day. It was a hot weekend, but a fun one at that.

Also, I thought this was so very nice of the parking lot.

Super sweet.

It's time for me to price items for my yard sale! Wish me luck for Saturday morning!

love, rudi

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