Monday, July 12

Monday is the new Sunday...

...At least it is in the summer!

I can't believe I forgot Stephens Sunday this week! I have seriously got to start remembering what day/month it is- I'm getting that Summer Sickness where time doesn't exist anymore, and night becomes day.

I have been semi-productive, though. Mom and I have decided to hold a Going-to-College Yard Sale, and I made one of my posters for it yesterday (you can totally tell I have no idea how to make stuff on the computer).

I thought it would attract the awesome people I would be comfortable selling my awesome stuff to.

Which, by the way, can I tell you how hard it's going to be to decide which of my things stay,

and which will be gone forever?

Which leads me to my first entry in "Why I Love Stephens" this week:

1) Simplifying my life. This really applies to all college freshman, as we are all responsible for cutting back on all the stuff we have and readjusting in a small dorm room, attempting to maintain as much of the 'back-home' atmosphere as possible while having space to add new life. I'm by no means a hoarder, and only slightly a pack-rat (a fact that I justify because I do, in fact, re-use many paper scraps, etc. in art pieces and thank you cards), but it's hard for me to stamp the "For Sale" sticker on many of my things. It's a tiny bit painful, but very, very liberating.

Stephens College = Freedom of Clutter

2) The Pet Dorms. Last week my family adopted some baby boys:

and I'm going to miss them sooo much.

(the one on the left is Deek Estella, and on the right is Mak Gatsby)

Luckily I'll more than likely get to know other girls who live in the Pet Dorm, and I can hopefully still get to snuggle kitties! There's nothing like having friends with cute pets- you get all the fun parts of having a kitty or pup, minus the not-so-fun parts of having said claw-monster and shoe-eater.

3) This week I've been a bit on the bored side. It's the worse kind of bored, when you have errand & chores that need to be done, but nothing fun to do and no one to hang out with. So while I glaze around my house staring at the faces that appear in the wallpaper, I also have this little knot in my stomach reminding me that I should be working on yard sale stuff, or feeding the neighbors turtles (they got fed- don't worry!), vacuuming my room, and other anti-climactic things like that.

But at Stephens! Ohhhhh at Stephens,

I have a feeling that I'll (almost) never have this type of bored blah-ness occupying my precious time. I'll have new friends to be chatting with, a new town to be exploring, a thousand new essays to write, and a billion lines to memorize (not to mention ten million pictures to snap for this lovely blog). You may think I'm being sarcastic, but I seriously LOVE being busy (the good busy, not the bored busy). I work best under stress and under a schedule, no matter how much I claim to desperately need a large helping of free-time in every day. What I really want is spontaneity- something my little town has apparently run out of!

4) I had a really good Hibachi grilled lunch in the cafeteria when I visited Stephens last. After my sorry attempt at lemon chicken and cooked onions and bean sprouts (1. Chicken should not be bouncy, 2. Bean sprouts do not go well with onions, and 3. vinegar also does not go with bean sprouts and onions), I could really use a fresh cooked and yummy meal- especially one healthier than the bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch I've become so accustomed to this summer.

5) Stephens has a really cute little post office. Once again I'm pretty sure most colleges have these as well, but I remember the lady at the counter being really smiley. I have a few friends that have agreed to be pen pals with me, and I'm looking forward to mailing off my little letters at the little post office. What can I say? I'm grossly quaint. I'm sure I'll have more to say about the little post office after school begins.


Do you all realize that move-in day is about a month away? Because I only just now realized that, and I'm kind of freaking out a little....

just a little....

love, rudi

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