Saturday, July 10

What I've been doing!

Unfortunately my use of the word "immediately" when used in reference to when I would post again was a false advertising, as I'm only now posting six days later.

You'd think with no school or summer job I'd be better about posting, but my brain doesn't seem to work that way. The summer heat clicks off my "Brain On" button completely.

Since the beginning of summer I've been living with my grandmother and helping her move into her new home. I'm back home in Corbin now, but my near-month with Mamaw Jan is one that I'll miss. It was difficult to be away from home and a computer and a cell phone (she lives where phone service does not exist), but I'm so glad I got the opportunity to spend real quality time with her. I mentioned all this in one of my earlier posts, but I didn't tell you what I did after I came home.

My town every once in a while captures some Gilmore Girl-ish charm and has community events downtown, usually having to do with art in some way. I've always been a big participant/enthusiast in these festivals, for instance I played Michael Jackson's Girlfriend as fifty-odd local zombies danced to Thriller on Main Street last Halloween:

And I dressed as a Pirate selling treasures in another Main Street festival a few years ago:

Two weeks ago we had another fun event- a Hillbilly/Gypsy Prom!

Unfortunately my friends and myself were the only people who dressed up, as well as the only people who danced (although I have NO idea how those other people didn't dance- the bluegrass band was amazing!!).

But that also means we were the only people to have the time of our lives.

Here's me and my date!

This is Chris, my boyfriend who lives about 3 hours away in Tennessee. He drove up and surprised me with his cowboy costume in hand- we had a blast swing and square dancing with my friends!

By the way, the majority of my friends are grown adults.

It was so much fun! There's nothing like dressing up and dancing like a madman for a few hours. I must have burned a million calories- or at least, as many as was in the large Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard I ate beforehand :).

Next week I'm planning a mini roadtrip with my friend Cameron:

(This is a pretty typical shot of us. I'm always teasing that poor boy!)

We're going to Louisville to see some of our good friends! We met at an arts camp called Governor's School of the Arts, and I for one haven't seen most of my other friends from it since camp ended two years ago. It'll be so nice to see everyone again- and I should have plenty of interesting pictures from our trip!

Mother has just informed me my time on the computer is up.

I'll have to agree with her.

love, rudi

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