Sunday, October 17

Fall Break

I'm so ashamed to never have enough photos for you all! My camera is such a breakable thing that I'm always nervous it's going to fall crashing to the ground, so I hardly ever take it with me on adventures.

This is something I'm going to seriously begin improving on, because for one, fall is gorgeous, and two, I've been so artistically stumped these days that I need to start taking photos again, not just to document what's going on for the blog, but for me.

But let me switch gears and clue you all in on what's been going on this past week. So much seems to have happened! I might just list everything off, and you can elaborate on the details in your head. Use your imagination!

On Monday we had Open Mic night, which I completely love attending. There's a lot of singing and guitars, but the usual jive was mixed up a bit by a really great rap song about cannibalism, and also a particularly blush worthy storytelling session by my pals Olivia and Kathleen.

Also last week was mid terms, and somehow I managed, despite having a huge list of stuff to do glaring at me for two weeks straight, getting everything done with relatively low stress- and also somehow getting them done well. I think I might be a miracle worker.

I spent Thursday night watching as my friend Alex create a dance to this song. It was breathtaking, I can't even tell you. I really wish I could have seen it performed at Citizen Jane.

And then he taught me a dance to this song, and I was literally breathless. Ohhh Asthma is so much fun!

This weekend has been particularly painful. Despite it being fall break, I spent most of Friday in the shop working on the set for All My Sons (which you ALL need to go see when it opens this week!) and then Saturday we had auditions for Meet me in St. Louis! It was obnoxiously hard for me to capture the dance- especially since I've never danced before. I guess that's why I'm not here for musicial theater! Needless to say I didn't get a callback, so I was free today (Sunday) to lazily clean my room, listen to Pandora for six hours straight, and put this huge post online!

Which, totally thanks for reading this whole thing. It really was particularly gigantic.

Have a beautiful week.

love, rudi

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