Thursday, October 21

All My Sons!

Guess what I've been doing?!

Not Sleeping!!

Yaaaaaaaay Theater!

I have four pieces of really cool news.

1) I've discovered that I really, really like tuna salad sandwiches. With lettuce. I saw a girlfriend of mine eating one a week or two ago and it looked so delicious, even though for my entire life I just knew I hated tuna fish. I had to try one.

So I did. And I loved it. And today I felt the need to check online to see if I'm at risk of mercury poisoning because I eat it for every meal. It's totally a random little slice of my life, but I really want you all to know how Stamper, our cafeteria, has totally changed my life.

Also this is what we had for dessert today:

Caramel Apple Milktinis. We call them milktinis because they're like milkshakes, but way fancier.

Cause look: they're in fancy cups!

The amount of delicious in those things is incomprehensible. Inexplicable. In-my-tummy-able.

Ohhh Stamper. I love thee so.

2) I went online the other day to apply to be an ordained priest (just cause I can), and I ended up signing up to be a soldier's pen pal instead. I'm totally excited! I don't have any family or friends that are overseas right now (although one of my good friends is going soon) and I'm nervous and excited to see what kinds of conversations arise. I got my soldier's info today- his name is Todd. It might be totally fun, it might be really sad and scary. Either way it's something new. Wish me luck.

3) I somehow acquired the role of assistant stage manager for the Warehouse Theater's production of Collected Stories! I admit I'm a bit intimidated, even though I know the job isn't the most difficult one in the world. I've just never done it before, but I've always wanted to. These days I've been asking myself a lot of questions about what I want to do, and where in the theater world I think I belong. It's so surprising that I find myself gravitating to the technical side of things, the building, directing, arranging side, when I've always thought I was just an actress. I'm interested to see where this experience leads me!

4) And four! Tomorrow (Friday) is opening night for All My Sons and it's gonna be GREEEAAAAATTTT!!!!!

I'm saying that from a technical view, anyway. I've helped build the set, and though I've heard from more than five sources that the show itself is top notch, I can personally vouch that it's gonna look awesome.

Wanna little sneak peak? I snuck my camera in to shop today just for you guys!

This, for those of you who are unfortunate not to know her, is the lovely and talented Heather Hillhouse, the technical director here at Stephens. I'm currently trying to convince her to fill out the proper paperwork to become a Captain of a ship, so when I get married she can perform the ceremony, and then she can drive us away into the Caribbean on her gigantic wooden, piratical boat.

And with that lovely image I leave you.

Au Revoir, my loves. Au Revoir!

love, rudi


  1. Hi Rudy- I do sort of like the idea of being a captain of a pirate ship... do I get to build the ship too? Thank you for sharing these pictures- the set is looking fantastic thanks to everyone's hard work! Its been so much fun having you in shop!

  2. Rudi! This was the best post ever! I love the pictures of everything and hearing you say all these fantastic things about the place I love. Thanks, babe =]


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