Sunday, October 10

I miss home a little bit today.

You know why?

Because of this little guy.

Oh what I wouldn't give to cuddle a kitty.

I'm finding out that college life is kind of like reality TV. When things are good, life is gorgeous and the world is full of endless happiness, and when things are bad, all I want to do is frown and sleep. I know this is probably making me come across as completely crazy, but I'm trying to figure out the cause of this phenomenon. It's really gross, how unstable I seem these days, like an event has to make me happy, and that my mood during the day can be completely switched over one or two things.

However, I've been told by several people that this is pretty normal, especially when beginning college, and that it sort of happens for no reason. It makes pretty good sense- because no matter how mature you are in high school, things are bound to get a little weird when you have to adjust to not living at home anymore. It's even crazier when everyone's going through their own versions of re-adjustment. I think everyone's praying for equilibrium these days.

In better news, I fixed my flat tire, and discovered a really good coffeehouse that happens to also serve Greek food. Those happen to be two of my favorite things.

Talk at ya'll later,

love, rudi


  1. I'm totally feeling the same with starting uni. When things are all go it's fun and exciting but as soon as there is a minute to breathe I feel kind of empty. I think it'll settle down.

    Your cat looks so content on that quilt. It's a beautiful quilt!

    And I do love discovering new places to have a drink or some food. It's even better when they are not well known: as if you have stumbled upon something special.

    Kate x

  2. Which coffee place are you talking about?

  3. The Coffee Zone on North Ninth Street. I'm sitting here right now, in fact! I totally love this place.


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