Wednesday, October 6

Sometimes the days go by so slow, but this week has zipped by in a timely and very pleasurable manner- I'm so ready for the weekend to be here again! But more than the weekend, I'm craving a nap.

Ohhhh buddy, am I so craving a nap.

But let me tell you about my way fun Monday! (I know, it's strange but those two words 'fun' and 'Monday can coexist!)

Unfortunately I don't have any photos, but I went to a Trampled by Turtles concert Monday night and had the time of my life! It's been a long, long time since I've heard bluegrass music so well played, and I'm not even sure if I've ever seen or heard such an amazing fiddle player. Even if you're not into bluegrass music (which is way different from country, by the way) it's impossible to deny that these guys have mad skills. I danced my feet to death, and I spent the entire two hours smiling ear to ear.

Isn't middle-of-the-week fun often so much more satisfying than weekend fun?

Yes, it totally is, which is why you should go see Five Women Wearing the Same Dress at the Warehouse Theater this week- it's really funny!

Or go this weekend, either way. I was just trying to make a smooth transition.

And speaking of theater!

(another good if not forced transition, no?)

Look at what I did to myself during shop yesterday.

Sanding is oh-so-much fun. I was completely covered with dust from sanding some columns. At least everyone else got to laugh. I just contracted a bad case of white lung.

But despite making a huge mess out of myself, I love shop so much. The set we're making for All My Sons should turn out pretty awesome, and I had a really great time tonight laughing and joking around with everyone. We had night shop, so we were working until ten or so, but the never ending rounds of giggles made staying up late and working hard completely worth it.

And did I mention shop is a really great workout? I think I might actually acquire that famous 'bikini body' I keep hearing about by the time spring rolls around.

That's assuming, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners aren't as delicious as they usually are. We'll talk about that later...

love, rudi

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  1. Thanksgiving dinner will definately be as delicious as it usually is!!!!!


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