Sunday, October 3

Barbecue! Pork Sandwiches! Hot Sauce! Jamaican music! Mandolins and Guitars! Cute boys in cute sweaters!

I was super impressed with my experience at the Roots 'N Blues festival this weekend, and all I did was get a pulled pork sandwich and walk around for an hour or so.

I chose to be sold a delicious sandwich from Lonnie's Ribs.

And as you can see, it was delicious.

Plus it was a gorgeous day!! Cold enough for a scarf, warm enough for shorts and tights.

Ahh Autumn!

And a big thanks to my friend Mariah. She took a million great photos of me and I only got one of her.

And just to chime in a little 'deep' content, I've noticed something surprising about myself. Back at home in Kentucky, I often felt completely alienated and different from everyone around me. I knew that I simply didn't belong in that particular culture with the particular people there.

But now that I'm away from the South I find myself identifying with it more- I get excited when I hear bluegrass music and sometimes my southern accent peeks through in conversation (my friends tell me it's "enduring"). It's interesting to discover all these little things about myself- it happens more and more every day.

And last night we struck the set (for you non-theater people that means tearing everything apart really fast) and it was exhilarating. Can I just reiterate how much I love doing technical theater so far? I'll probably have a whole other post about that later.

But Roots 'N Blues was yesterday! And the Warehouse Theater picnic/field day was today! So let's talk about that!

I would probably say the coolest part (despite the hotdogs and hamburgers and frisbee and laying in the sun and having super-fun-hangout-times-with-Stephens-girls) about it was the Giant Ultimate Hopscotch Obstacle Course we made. Here's the spinny star:

Followed by a hula hoop island, in turn followed by a rescue airplane that requires you to tap dance...

which is in turn followed by a LAVA LAKE and a battle with a dragon (it was Trogdor, for those of you in the know)

and my friend Allison Frisch brought her baby Taffy. Isn't this a great little family photo?

It was so much fun! And also, it was really great that I somehow found time to do all my homework, take a mini-nap, play look-at-the-internet AND do two loads of laundry.

Well...almost all my homework. Have a good week, guys- I gotta go finish a little something that may or may not be due tomorrow...

love, rudi

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