Friday, October 1

Sketchy business show!

Hey everyone!

So something exciting happened on Wednesday night at 11 PM to midnight in the Arena classroom...

do you know what it was?

Sketchy Business is what!

We'd been preparing the show all month (it was youtube themed) and we were very pleased with the way things turned out.

I have a few photos thanks to a friend in the audience, and while they may not be the most flattering for all (sorry guys!) you can definitely tell that it was a funny show.

This skit was a spin off of chris crocker's video

And remember when Christian Bale went haywire?

And this skit was just funny- a mimed music video to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream".

But of course all that really matters is the audience's giggles- and luckily we were able to extract plenty of those.

And The Lovely Lady Lynch came to our show!

I had a great night doing sketchy- and for any of you who are considering being a part of it this month, come to our meeting in the Arena classroom Monday night at 11 PM.

I'm off to stagecraft to build a footstool!!

love, rudi

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