Tuesday, November 16

Hey girls!

I have a quick little announcement:

The Time Has Come!

Every year the student body is asked to put in nominations and votes towards the
Stephens' Distinguished Teacher Award

You can fill out a ballot at the PRSSA table in the Pit today through Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM to nominate a teacher. You will receive leadership points for submitting nominations (which I though was pretty rad).

The person you nominate should be one that you believe

1) Is awesome
2) Has done a really great job creating an effective learning environment for their students
3) Encouraged intellectual growth in you and your classmates
4) Does their job unbelievably well
5) Is super special in the eyes of you and your classmates
6) Deserves a little eye candy for their office in the form of a fancy Distinguished Teacher Award
7) Is awesome

I know you have someone in mind! Give that wonderful teacher a gift almost as valuable as the gifts they give you-
they certainly deserve it!

This is probably what my ultimate teacher would look like:

And he would bake and be very witty and make me laugh all the time. Plus he would have a mustache sometimes, and a beard other times and smoke a pipe in class and tell ridiculous stories about him in ridiculous situations that end in hilarity and nonsense, but end up resulting in poetically worded and poignant life lessons.

I think I just described my dream man instead...

...he turned out awesome.

Anyway, the point is:

Go nominate that favorite teacher of yours
so you can be their favorite student.

love, rudi

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  1. Funny one Rudi. I can see what you mean. That guy would be a great professor. Except that is an old picture and he's probably about 78 now, and coughs too much to tell stories from smoking that pipe in class.


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