Sunday, November 14

Hey guys!

I've got a few little tidbits to share with you.

My favorite news of the day: Remember my last post, when I talked about those awesome girls who totally rocked my world the other night? I hung out with them again today! We shoved ourselves into a booth at Kaldi's, a [really] great coffeehouse downtown, and played the let's-say-we'll-do-homework-but-get-nothing-done-because-we-talk-too-much game for a couple of hours.
I'm starting to seriously love this place! I hate that I experienced such a sour taste of it before, but now I'm becoming quite the optimist.

So, point two.
This morning my pretty friend Hannah and I
(here's Hannah)

went to Stephens Lake Park and participated in "A Walk in their Shoes", a fundraiser for The Hunger Project set up by my mentor Erin Hansen, Rhea Amos, and Gillian West for one of their classes.

It was pretty neat. We went on a mini-walk around the trail doing little activities designed to help us empathize with people in third world countries. We walked barefoot, I walked one section blindfolded, and we carried heavy buckets of water around. It was cold, it was fun, it was for a good cause, and my friend Lia won a raffle.

Sound like a good day to you? It sounded like a good day to me, too.

love, rudi

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