Friday, December 3

Thanksgiving Break, and Afterwards


I'll give you the simple, detail-less version of my week.

Last week was Fall/Thanksgiving Break, which was awesome.

I have only two photos- I seriously need to start documenting my life better.

My sister Sadie at Thanksgiving! I think she's getting so pretty! It was just magical hanging out with my three year old. She's the funniest kid I know, too.

And I saw my boyfriend Truchi!!

If you remember this post you'll recall how Truchi and I split for a while,
and that split actually only ended up lasting about a month or so. Needless to say it's been a rough time as far as our relationship goes, as we live about 11 hours apart now, and it was so great to finally see him after all these months.

But now that I'm back in school, I'm really feeling the negative effects of having such a wonderful break.
As one of my good pals said, I've had a bite of the dessert, and now I have to trudge through the meat and potatoes of finals week to take another bite. This has been the longest week I've had since starting school. There's just so many loose ends to tie up and final papers to tweak, not to mention I've begun rehearsals for a student directing scene, which we perform in about two weeks.

But I have a treat for you guys! I'm changing my ways a little on the blog this weekend, so be sure to stop by for a fun post!

I hope your week was wonderful- either that, or your weekend is!!

love, rudi

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