Thursday, August 25

New York Part 2

Hey ya'll! I was just looking through my old posts and discovered that I never posted the rest of my New York City photos! So, without further delay, here they are!

These are the home-made fruit tarts I had for breakfast every morning. We found a little bakery right down the road from the train station, and made a point to sample as many of their treats as we could. 

This picture is from my visit to MTV in Times Square, where Ed Coco works as the Senior Set Designer (by the way, coolest job ever)

I visited Ogilvy & Mather, a top advertising agency, and got some really
awesome insight into the advertising world.
Heather Hay, the Stephens alum who met with me there, gave me this book to read and see if I like it- "it" being the advertising world in general.
The verdict? I finished the book in a week. I love advertising. And that's just one of the many discoveries I made during my trip.

I have a few more photos of silly touristy stuff that everyone's seen- well, except for the picture I snapped of a man doing yoga in a park with a lizard on his head. I'd share it if you could actually see the lizard, but alas.
It's harder than it looks to be a sneaky-peaky spy photographer.
Can I just say "Thank You Stephens!" again for sending me out there?
Hope you all enjoy!

love, rudi

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