Tuesday, August 23

Oh Mighty One


It has several new nicknames, folks: iMac. Typography Class. InDesign. New Self Service Scanner in Cafeteria.
But mostly iMac.

Except don't tell my teachers, because I want them to think I'm fearless and awesome.
It's very refreshing to be intimidated, though. Does that make me sound awful and arrogant? It's just that in high school everything was so easy, and studying theatre is a lot about practicing and discovering things you already knew. But now, for the first time in a long time, I have to really work on learning computer programs and a whole new career vocabulary. Apparently calling an HTML manual a "chunky script" isn't quite going to cut it.
I feel like some sort of cage fighter, because I can already see my opponents for the semester, I know their names and how they can beat me, and I am so ready to put up my dukes and get to business.  

love, rudi

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