Tuesday, August 23

Goodbye, Old. Hello, New!

Last week Mom, Sadie, and I drove off and away from our pretty little house in Kentucky and headed out to the Wild West! Which, by the way, between Columbia, Missouri and Kentucky is just a big Indiana cornfield.

It was really rough leaving home, because like I said in my last post, I'm really apprehensive about the coming year. It was even more heartbreaking to leave home when everything was so green and plush, and our garden was just starting to ripen up the watermelons.

My stepdad Ben woke up early to send us off.

But now I'm here at Stephens!! And I've already got tons of material for more posts- I can tell this year is going to be packed with creativity. And, an added bonus for all you guys, I'm not only in a photography class this semester, but my work study has me taking a lot of pictures, which means I should have plenty for eye candy for you!!
I know I'M excited! SO, the first chance I get to take a big deep breath and pull together another post, it'll be Stephens Stephens everywhere!! Keep a lookout for your own face!

love, rudi

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