Thursday, August 18

Ah!! Road Trip!


My disbelief is falling out my ears. I started folding shirts yesterday, and suddenly we're leaving for Missouri in the morning, a lovely 9 hour trip from KY.
So packing has helped put me in the back-to-school mindset, and my reaction to the packing has compelled me to share this piece of advice:
Downsizing is good. If my dream of moving to New York is to ever come true, I am going to have to spend the next two years of my life getting rid of all my stuff. It's the worst feeling ever to slowly realize you're drowning in t-shirts, miss-matched socks, and shoes you like but never wear.
I feel like this.

I know I am not actually like this. But this is absolutely how I feel.
But guess what?! Since it's still 2011 I'm going to say last semester's goal can still apply:
I want to be organized. So bad. Clutterless, Coordinated, Tidy. I may make myself a poster for my room with that phrase, just to keep my mind on the goal.
See? Look at that- I'm already being proactive. Well... I'm already talking about being proactive.  You know how it goes.
Wish me luck moving in, ya'll!! And Freshmen,
Good luck, and be brave. You can't have a new best friend until you introduce yourself to her. Also, please introduce yourself to me! I love new friends, and I love helping out. Giving advice makes upperclassmen feel good, so don't be shy!!

love, rudi

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