Sunday, September 25

Family Weekend at Stephens

I have a lot of pictures for you! Sarah, my lovely roommate last year, drove in from Kansas City and we spent the entire weekend together having a grand old time!
We visited the vintage costume gallery on campus, which is CIRCUS themed right now! They have the grooviest stuff in there! If any of you are around Columbia, you have GOT to check out this gallery. The themes change (I think every semester?) so stop by while you can!

After visiting the costume gallery Sarah and I headed to Stephens Lake Park, where there was supposedly a Puppy Fair going on. It was way too cute to pass up!! We spent literally two hours just standing around petting everyone's dogs and snuggling with the cats at the adoption tent.

My friend Kathleen brought her dog ChouChou to the Puppy Fest!

My friend Emily brought her dog Parker as well, who totally gussied up to the camera.

It was all I could do not to shove this cat in my bag and take her home.

The rest of the weekend I spent time with my good friend Courtney and her momma, who came in for family weekend! Her sister Ashley and Ashley's boyfriend also drove in for a while, and we all got breakfast at Ernie's this morning. By the way, Ernie's has the best cinnamon toast in town, which I ate with garden vegetarian sausage.

I wish more weekends were like this, a combination of good food and good friends leisurely enjoying each other's company. There's something so functional about it. I know many of you readers are fellow students who had family come to visit, and I hope all of your weekends were happy ones, too.

love, rudi

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