Sunday, February 26

Art Everywhere!!!

Hey guys!

This has been an extremely art-filled and energetic weekend, for myself and for a lot of my friends.

My graphic design buddies went to St. Louis on Saturday for this giant design portfolio convention where a lot of them were able to showcase their work and get their names out in the world. I'm hoping they got lots of good feedback, and hopefully even more good connections.

I was personally busy getting involved with an art form that's pretty new to me- fashion and modeling! A few weeks ago a friend asked me to participate in the Project Prom Fashion Show, and after two days of tech rehearsal we strutted around the runway in some super fancy prom dresses! I'll elaborate on all this when I get some pictures.

The really cool thing that happened this weekend was the Warehouse Theatre's success with their first attempt at a 24-Hour Play Festival. It's as scary as it sounds: they have 24 hours to write, direct, produce, and perform a series of plays, and let me tell you, they nailed it!! I was so impressed by the humor, depth, and level of production my friends were able to capture in such a short time period, and I really hope this festival becomes a tradition here on campus. 

My friend Danielle Wineman (a fellow blogger, by the way) put together this video that sums everything up. She did a pretty great job whipping it up in 24 hours, too!

love, rudi

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