Thursday, March 8

The Before

See these here red locks? Well, next Wednesday is my appointment to donate most of my hair to Pantene's program Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments. 

I haven't had long hair for very long. All through high school I had various styles of pixie cuts, but last fall I decided that I wanted to have a braid again and started growing my hair out. 

I'd sort of planned to keep a longer hairstyle for a long time, but last spring (actually, a year from the day I'll be donating my hair) I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. When I saw that Stephens was hosting a hair donation event, it was like the universe was telling me something.

Tune in next week with the "After"!!

love, rudi

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  1. Great program---great idea-P


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