Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

 I've been on a self-examining hiatus for the past couple of weeks, submersing myself in my own life and forgetting to share anything with anyone. Sometimes it's really great to be introverted and know that I'm able to have a steady, healthy conversation with myself.

  But now it's Easter, which I've decided will be my wake-up call to re-energize my voice and dust off my camera. I've been working on my resume, portfolio, and personal blog (with an attempt at *eek!* personal branding) for summer job plans. Oh- that's related to a great piece of news! 

  I've been nagging my parents for the past five years or so to move away from the small town I went to high school in. After several of our closest family friends moved away, my parents have finally started considered relocating as well. I'm so very proud to say that, after months of planning and searching and waiting, they finally signed some papers for a beautiful little cottage in North Carolina!!

   I'm completely ecstatic about this, as is my little sister because of the swing set in the back yard. I was expecting to spend this summer digging through all my childhood stuff for a super large yard sale, but now I get to spend it helping my family settle in to their new life and discover the quirks of their new town. Oh- and another great part? After just a few days of looking over classifieds and websites, I've found several great design, marketing, and writings internships in the area- for bakeries, local magazines, and design firms. So- the resume stuff has been super on my mind lately.

   I'm hoping to share some of my design work with you guys soon- I've been taking pictures of my work more and more.

   Have a great Easter, everyone! I hope those of you who got to go home and play with egg painting, baby animals, and giant baked ham meals soak it up for the rest of us.

love, rudi

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