Monday, April 30


Today is the first day of finals.

Last year I remember being so scattered and frenzied, but this year I feel so calm and ready. It's really satisfying to see progress in myself like this- I've learned to be better prepared and to pace myself. My mental calmness and balance has gotten so much better through this year, and maybe it's all the long hours alone in the design labs, but I feel really confident and happy when I'm alone.

I think being able to appreciate alone time is so important. I used to worry that I was antisocial whenever I  didn't want to hang out with friends or go out, but now I know that my introvert ways are healthy for me. Realizing this about myself has made me so happy.

Anyway- to get back on track- good luck to all of you with your finals! I'm probably not helping by talking about how good I feel about finals week- if you need to borrow some of my relaxed vibes I'll definitely send them your way!

love, rudi

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