Tuesday, April 24

    I had the greatest weekend with my momma! She drove hours and hours to visit me this wekend. I bought tickets months ago for mom's birthday to see David Sedaris speak! Mom and I have loved David Sedaris family for years and years- his books on tape have kept me alive during the longs car rides home. It was just a dream come true to see him in person- and then we met him!! 
    It was a really great food weekend, too. I started it off with Five Guys- my favorite burger place- with some friends. When mom got into town it only got better with fancy cheese plates and creme brulee french toast.

This is Arianne. On Friday night mom and I went to Harbinger Night, where the newly published Stephens ladies read from their work, and Arianne read from her piece. It was amazing.

     Here's my pretty momma at breakfast :)

     Here I am in some glasses I bought online- they showed up five times huger than they looked. But at least I found a new costume prop :) Hipster parties, here I come!!!

This is the book I gave to David Sedaris when he signed our copy of his book Naked. I thought it was hilarious- it's a manual to better understand humor and the differences between adult and child laughter. Old books are so funny sometimes.

I never realize how homesick I am until I hang out with my family- I was in a real funk after momma left. 

But now I've got finals to distract me....

love, rudi

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  1. I had a good weekend too. It IS nice to hang out with somebody who knows your whole life. No explanations needed. Love you Roo.



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